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Everything secured by Gospel promise, defined by Gospel measure, and represented by Gospel treasure are to be found in prayer.  All heights are scaled by it, all doors are opened to it, all victories are gained through it, and all grace distills on it.  Heaven has all its good and all its help for men who pray.

“The greatest victories gained for the cause of God are not the result of labored argument, enticing words of men’s wisdom, ample facilities, wide influence, or abundance of means; they are gained in the audience chamber with God, when with earnest, agonizing faith men lay hold upon the mighty arm of power.”

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We're not what is regarded as conventional church assembly and we do not intend to become one - it is strictly a prayer and intercessory ministry, established by the leading of the Holy Spirit for the body of Christ in Airdrie, Calgary and Greater Calgary Area. It is open to all the faithful and dedicated children of God who professes' Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior from all nations, tongues, tribes and people. Open unto those whose heart is willing to taste and see that the Lord is good. We meet ones a month by the grace of God to intercede and stand in gap for the church of God from house to house and when called upon to churches or other ministries.

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